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Exari Intelligent Contract Management Software

Exari is a global leader in Intelligent Contract Management software -- a powerful and flexible system that combines Document Assembly, Contract Management and Contract Analytics.

Document Assembly

Exari Document Assembly is an innovative multichannel interactive document generation application that is tightly integrated with Exari Contract Management or licensed for standalone use. It is designed to provide the most powerful authoring tools on the market that allow users to create and edit complex documents, forms, clauses and packages, without any exposure to the underlying XML code.

Contract Management

Exari Contract Management combines patented enterprise Document Assembly with a complete Contract Lifecycle Management system and optionally includes Contract Analytics. With user-friendly dashboards, approval workflows, and milestone and task alerts, Exari Contract Management provides a collaborative platform to create, negotiate, manage and analyze contracts.

Contract Analytics

Exari Contract Analytics is an optional reporting tool, licensed primarily as part of Exari Contract Management to provide deep reporting capabilities across contract and process data.


Exari’s platform-independent Intelligent Contract Management software can be deployed in-house or in the cloud and is easily integrated with Salesforce.com, SharePoint and other systems.

Our Story

Founded in December of 1999 in Melbourne, Australia by two corporate lawyers and a software engineer, Exari was designed from the ground up as an enterprise-strength, standards-based solution for automating contracts and other document intensive processes. The plan was to empower business users with “self-service” documents to help reduce risk and speed document creation. This would allow companies to reduce bottlenecks, be more agile, close more deals, and increase compliance. Two of the company’s founders, Jamie Wodetzki and Justin Lipton, continue to enhance the product and have helped to shape the document assembly and contract automation landscape.

In 2001, Exari released the world’s first 100% web-and-XML-based document assembly system. In 2006, we opened an office in London to support insurance, investment banking and legal customers in the UK and Europe.

In 2008, Exari received a significant venture capital investment from Beacon Equity Partners in Boston, MA, following an extensive global analysis of document assembly and contract management companies. At that time, we relocated headquarters and some key personnel to Boston.


From the beginning, Exari was designed based on XML to allow for open standards, ease of integration and the aggregation and standardization of data for reporting and analysis. This approach provides immediate visibility into your data to help you better manage compliance, mitigate exposure and act on contractual revenue opportunities. Unlike its competitors, Exari has a patented proprietary document assembly engine developed in Java. This allows Exari to take input from many systems including Word and to output into many formats including Word (RTF, DOCX), HTML, PDF, Postscript and XML. This also means that Exari is not dependent on Word and was not affected by recent intellectual property decisions that negatively impacted other document assembly vendors.

We are a strong supporter of open systems and standards, and this is reflected in the products we develop. Exari’s powerful API and workflow allow for easy integration with other systems that involve your documents like a CRM (i.e. Salesforce.com), ERP (i.e. SQL databases), Sharepoint or DMS. We also participate in a number of standards efforts, and host an open source XML editor project called Xerlin.

Our Offices

With offices comprising sales, service and support personnel in Boston, London, Munich and Melbourne, Exari is one of the few truly global document automation companies. Due to this geographical diversity, Exari can provide 24/7 and in-person support around the world. The product is used by lawyers, bankers, insurance teams, sales organizations, government departments and many others who had been buried in paperwork.

Today Exari is the most intuitive, powerful and flexible enterprise Contract Management solution available.

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Who uses Exari?

Exari is often brought into the enterprise by the General Counsel, Head of IT or Head of Sales Operations of a Fortune 1000 Company or by the technology department of a top 100 Law Firm. Our solutions are currently in use worldwide by several industry sectors including insurance, banking, finance/investment banks, industrial gas, telecoms, government departments, automotive and technology/media companies.

The document types that have been automated in these sectors include, among others: sales contracts, complex finance documents, master agreements, loan documentation (multi-lingual), insurance slips, leases, procurement contracts/RFPs/RFTs, and license agreements. Exari is well-suited for documents that are complex, repetitive, subject to predictable negotiation, and require Word or PDF output. For more information on who is using Exari, see a list of our Featured Customers.

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