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Exari Document Assembly General FAQ

What documents can I use Exari for?

Exari can be used to automate any business document that are usually done in volume:  100s, 1,000s, 10,000s/year, including contracts, loan agreements, insurance documents, RFPs/RFTs, license agreements, finance documents, HR documents, non-disclosure agreements, services agreements, proposals, customer communications (CCM/DOCCM), and more. A number of customers have high value, complex documents in smaller volumes where Exari is used to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the document.

Is Exari a “green” technology?

Yes. With our offering we:

  • Save paper when documents are auto-approved electronically;
  • Avoid hours of extra PC usage when these documents need to be written and rewritten every time;
  • Prevent duplication of effort and resources by preventing re-keying of information between systems.

How often are new software releases available?

Exari typically releases one major version and one minor version each year.  Patch releases are done as often as required.

Does Exari support multiple languages?

Exari fully supports Unicode – this means that we are able to deal with specific internationalization issues using this best practice. We have demonstrated templates, output documents and interviews in Chinese and currently have customers using Exari in Italian and Spanish, with implementations planned in German and further European languages. Exari allows User Interface (UI) components to be configured for local language requirements along with the interview text and document content.

What does "Exari" mean?

The name Exari is derived from the Latin word Exaro which means to plow up; to dig up; to write on a wax tablet.  The company was initially named Speedlegal with anticipated appeal to law firms, but changed its name to Exari in 2005 to reflect its broader business appeal.

How can I find out more information?

Please use the Contact Us button located at the top right hand corner of each web page and enter your query.  An Exari representative will contact you.

Can I download a demo/evaluation version?

If you are interested in trying Exari for a pilot program, please contact an Exari sales representative in your geographic region.

Does Exari have esignature capabilities?

Exari can automatically transmit output documents for electronic signature or fax signature using EchoSign. Configurable workflow can seamlessly send a document or group of documents from an Exari interview session to EchoSign, with the ability to specify recipients, signature flow order and other service details. Exari can also be customized to integrate with other esignature products.

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