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Create, negotiate, manage and analyze contracts in one flexible Contract Management system

Exari Contract Management software combines patented, enterprise Document Assembly with a complete Contract Lifecycle Management system. With user-friendly dashboards, approval workflows, and canned and ad hoc reports, Exari Contract Management provides a collaborative platform to create, negotiate, manage and analyze your contracts. And because all contract data is captured automatically during the creation process, you have complete visibility into all of the key data points in your contracts.

Exari Contract Management software can integrate with your existing systems (e.g. and SharePoint) or work as a stand-alone Contract Management solution. Contract and customer data can be mined and easily shared across other upstream and downstream systems ensuring business and legal professionals within General Counsel, Sales, Documentation, Risk Management, and Finance get a ‘single unified view’ of customer information. 

Contract Management Software

Exari Contract Management software provides one solution for Automated Contract Creation and Contract Lifecycle Management

A self-service contracts wizard empowers your front office professionals to create compliant self-service contracts and close deals quickly.

Workflow rules allow the Legal Department to control which low risk contracts are pre-approved, and which high-risk contracts must go to senior managers for approval. Users always know the status of a contract.

Exari RoundTrip™ negotiation and document comparison tool provides visibility into changes made during negotiations and supports re-use of negotiated clauses within the document assembly wizard.

Our Contract Management software provides centralized storage of draft and final contracts -- in Word, PDF or XML format -- solves the problem of lost paperwork and version confusion.

Triggers and alerts ensure that milestones, renewals and other important dates are not missed and provides visibility to Contract Managers, Contract Administrators and Compliance teams.

Flexible reporting tools allow users and managers to analyze and optimize the contract portfolio.

Contract and customer data can be mined and shared across the organization to support business and regulatory requirements. This is accomplished by providing access to contract metadata and by exploiting the power of Exari’s XML technology to tag words, phrases, paragraphs and sections for meaning, extraction and analysis.

Signed and executed contracts, whether signed manually on hard copy or using e-signature, are stored in a central, searchable repository. integration allows tracking of contract data within records. You can run a wide range of reports and assess risk across your contract portfolio.

SharePoint integration allows for custom workflows and document storage.


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