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Instant Author

Web-based document assembly template set-up

No programming or XML knowledge needed
Contracts professionals, lawyers, business analysts and just about any other subject matter expert can create new automated documents with absolutely no programming skills.
No downloads or plug-ins
Anyone can setup a web-based template via their standard web browser, without the hassle of proprietary software downloads, installation and days of training.
Start in Microsoft Word
Original templates are authored in your familiar Word environment, using simple text markers to show how you want the document automation logic to be set up.
Extremely fast
In a few quick steps, authors indicate how each question should be presented, and some other basic details. In many cases, a working template can be up and running in minutes.

How to author contract templates

Business users can mark up Variables in a new template with simple square brackets, for example
This is a contract dated [Contract Date] between [Customer Name] and [Supplier Name]...
Optional context
Business users can also mark a sentence or clause as optional, for example
[OPT *CustomerUSA* We also offer free delivery to our US customers on purchases over $500.]
Alternative content
Business users can also mark several sentences or clauses as alternatives of each other, for example
[ALT *Warranty-Supplier* Supplier warrants that it will perform its obligations in accordance with the highest professional standards...] [ALT *Warranty-Mutual* Each party warrants that it will perform its obligations in a professional manner...].
Dynamic updating of topic headings
Automating new templates via the browser-based Instant Author process has been improved by the use of AJAX technology to dynamically update available topics as the author progresses through the wizard.
Export/import to/from Word
Instant Author lets you export automated templates back to Word (DOCX) or RTF with simple mark-up of variables, optional clauses, etc., allowing non-technical authors to edit and extend their templates in Word, then re-import the updated template (re-using existing logic).
Automated Document Creation Templates
Start in Word
Document Assembly Templates
Define questions for variables
Document Automation Templates
Define questions for optional content

Instant Author is our web-based wizard for getting new smart templates, within Exari Enterprise Document Assembly Software.


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