Exari Contract Automation

Document Assembly & Contract Management Overview

Exari Document Assembly and Contract Management Overview

Exari Document Assembly

The Exari document creation software allows non-programmers to create smart templates (with business rules built-in) and empowers anyone to create contracts and other documents quickly and without mistakes. Our intuitive web-based wizard gives front office professionals a way to close deals quickly with self-service contracts, gives legal greater control over which clauses are used in which circumstances, and gives senior management more accurate contract and risk data to make informed decisions and improve company performance.

Exari Contract Management         

Exari Contract Management extends Exari's Document Assembly Solution to include web based contract management, rights and obligation tracking, workflow and approvals, reporting and analytics. Unlike most other CM (CLM) systems, Exari automatically captures high quality contract data at the start of the contract lifecycle, rather than making you re-key the data when each deal is signed. We can deliver our complete Contract Automation Solution via a hosted solution (SaaS) integrated with Salesforce.com, SharePoint, or any other enterprise systems behind your firewall.

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