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Easy to use web browser interview
End users are guided through an intuitive questionnaire or interview in their web browser, with little or no need for training.
Full document preview in the web browser 
Documents are previewed in the web browser (as HTML), so that users can check and change drafts before launching Word or PDF.
Browser preview uses "hot spots" to show & change answers
Rolling over variable text shows the link between text and answers, and a simple mouse click lets users change any answer.
Express or comprehensive interview 
Users can choose an express interview (answer only key questions) or a comprehensive interview (answer every possible question).

Interview progress 
A sidebar is displayed during the interview, allowing end users to track their progress through each topic to be covered. The sidebar also provides a dynamic report of questions answered, and questions remaining, as the interview progresses.
Dynamic interview pages 
Active (AJAX-enabled) interview pages provide a more responsive user experience, with instant display of relevant follow-up questions and warnings during the interview. For example, new questions may appear "live" when a user answers a multiple choice question in a particular way.
Learning mode
An optional "Learning Mode" now lets you keep track which answers are most commonly chosen by other users, taking into account their previous choices during the Exari web interview. For example, users who choose English law with capped liability, will then see an indicator showing that others in the same scenario capped their liability at 2x fees, nine times out of ten.
Fast forward button to skip the interview
Busy users can jump straight to a draft document based on a standard set of default answers set-up by the template author.
Fast forward and back buttons
Fast forward and Back buttons are now available on every page of the interview process, giving users increased flexibility.
Defer questions if "not sure" 
An (optional) feature in the web interview allows users to check "not sure" for any question, deferring their answer till later, and allowing them to see all available options in the text of the document.
Optional bias feature for commercial documents
For contracts and commercial documents, templates can be set-up with default answers and clauses biased towards a specific party.
Save and re-load answer files 
Complete or partial answers from an interview session can be saved for re-use later on, with the same document or a related document.
Save or quit at any point in the interview
Users can save their answers, or simply quit, at any point during an interview, allowing them to resume at a more convenient time.
Interview pages auto-generated from each template 
The server automatically presents end users with relevant questions, grouped by topic, as a series of dynamically generated web pages.
Optional topic-by-topic interview 
Interview pages can be configured to filter questions topic-by-topic, or to present as many relevant questions per page as possible.
Contextual notes and help 
User help, notes and advice can be added to questions, documents and clauses, with links to more detailed online reference material.
Capture formatted text during interview 
Users can add formatted text during the web interview, making it easy to add on-the-fly formatting to sections of a document, or to copy and paste styled text, including tables.
Capture custom logos and images during the interview 
Users can upload images during the web interview, for example to add a customer logo to a sales proposal on the fly.
Interview summary 
A summary of all questions and answers is available at the end of each interview session.
Set interview features based on role, user, folder, document
The features of the interview, e.g., whether they receive Word or PDF output documents, can be configured differently for different users, roles, folders or template documents.
No downloads or plugins 
The browser based interview does not require any special software or plugins to be downloaded to the end user's computer.
Browser independent
The interview works through most mainstream web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari.
Enhanced internationalization allows message text and buttons to be configured for different languages.
Web interview
Easy repeat handling
Dynamic interview pages 
Interactive document preview

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