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Document Template Repository

Secure Content Repository

Easy to use web browser interface
Browse all content using a standard web browser, as a seamless extension of your intranet, extranet or website.
Templates etc. shared in a secure central place 
Templates, Precedents, Clauses, Answer Files and other content can be stored and shared securely with approved users.
Version control on all content
Precedents, Logic Files, Answer Files and shared Clauses / re-usable modules are all versioned (using the DeltaV standard).
Publish/unpublish approved version
Authors or Administrators choose when a particular version is published and made available to end users.
Simple set-up/maintenance of shared folders, subfolders, etc.
Authors or Administrators can easily set up folders and subfolders that reflect the structure of your enterprise, via Microsoft webfolders.
Search keywords or full text
All repository content can be searched by keyword or full text.
Search for shared logic, clauses, etc.
Template and logic maintenance is made easier because Authors can quickly check which logic files are shared by which templates, which clauses are shared by which templates, and so on.
Dynamic sorting
Users can now sort Templates, Answer Files and other Repository content (in ascending or descending order) by Title, Filename, Author or Last Modified.
Logic import / export via csv
Logic can be imported/exported to/from Exari via a CSV file, giving Authors greater flexibility to define variables, business rules and logic using familiar tools like Microsoft Excel.
WebDAV enabled
The repository supports the WebDAV standard.

Clause Library

Share & re-use standard clauses
Create a library of standard clauses, share those clauses across multiple templates, or let users import clauses one-by-one.
Share & re-use smart clauses
Add logic to specific clauses, share those clauses across multiple templates, or let users generate tailored clauses on the fly.
Create clause picklists
Create picklists of boilerplate and other clauses, so that users can quickly import multiple clauses into new or existing documents.
Browse for documents, clauses, etc

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