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Implementation Services

Exari has an experienced professional services team comprised of project managers, business analysts, authors and technical staff. Each implementation services engagement is assigned a team selected through a needs assessment.

A typical implementation project has 3 phases: Plan, Build and Deploy, and the time allocated to each phase varies according to the scale and complexity of a project. We work with new clients during a joint planning phase, after which we schedule applicable project tasks during the build and deploy phases, and provide accurate estimates of the Exari professional services to be provided.

Contract Authoring

Ready to automate but no time to do it? If you've got some precedents or standard form documents, we can help with contract authoring and automation. With qualified legal practitioners and developer support, we often provide our customers with contract authoring support to get smart documents up and running as quickly as possible.

Document Management

The document management system (DMS) is a critical part of your infrastructure. But new and emerging requirements make choosing a DMS much more challenging than it used to be. Examples of these requirements include integration with your intranet portal and extranet, SharePoint, CRM; collaboration, email storage, and content re-use. We can provide an integrated DMS as part of Exari Contract Management or help you work with the DMS you already have in place.

Need Help?

If you're looking for assistance with contract authoring, training or integration please contact us to discuss your needs.

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