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Companies are demanding a better way to manage their contracts. Unfortunately, the promise of contract management has failed to live up to its enterprise potential with limited implementations meeting siloed departmental needs. Without a unified approach to enterprise contract management companies will continue to have an incomplete picture of the value and risks buried within contracts. There is a better way.

About Exari and CMA Contiki
Exari and CMA Contiki have combined to lead a new era of enterprise contract management. We have combined two of the most respected and successful contract management companies into one new powerhouse – giving companies in the market unprecedented control and insight into the agreements that are the foundation of their customer, supplier, employee and partner relationships.

We’re committed to delivering on the potential of 100% contract certainty. In fact, we’re obsessed by it. We are now the gold standard in the enterprise contract management market. We are unique in how we approach the transformation of contracts from documents to data and to deliver on our mission of 100% contract certainty.

Why we’re obsessed with 100% contract certainty
Exari and CMA Contiki have combined to deliver deep insight into rights, obligations and risks contained within a company’s contracts for highly regulated and complex industries. When you think about it, contracts define every single business relationship; from customers & suppliers to employees & partners.

The combination of deep industry expertise and sophisticated contract modeling sets our new company apart.

Relationship Risk: Knowing every external relationship and how changes to these relationships affect the bottom line;

Revenue Risk: Understanding early termination or other surprise events that could force a company to restate revenue;

Supply Chain Risk: Understanding all the players in your supply chain and whether their commitments match those made to your customers. Would a supplier failure leave your business exposed?

Process matters when it comes to regulation, risk and complexity
Our deep expertise in complex and highly regulated industries enables customers to comply with standards, controls, and audits. Compliance failure can result in significant business impact. Together we set the standard for business process control and auditability. Our solutions deliver significant benefits, including:

Enterprise Collaboration: Eliminate the uncertainty of rogue contracting, undocumented email exchanges and, poorly documented commitments and ad hoc requirements.

Process Automation: Our unique drafting wizards, workflows, and alerts provide high quality documentation and consistency without the cost and risk of manual processes.

Auditability: Fine grain change control and audit trails provide the process assurance of the most demanding sourcing organizations.

The Contract Management Powerhouse
The combination creates an Enterprise Contract Management company with over 130 customers worldwide. The new company can support virtually any enterprise contract management need, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise-class platform: The combined company is the only solution that provides the breadth and depth of contract data insight, giving enterprises a complete picture of the value and risks buried in their contracts. Unlike other solutions, the combined platform has been purpose-built for managing contracts instead of as an add-on to ERP, procurement, CRM or other departmental systems.

According to Gartner, “CLM is evolving from an operational record-keeping system, primarily used for legal audit purposes, to an enterprise-level core system addressing business risk, costs and the pursuit of revenue maximization”¹ and “Leading organizations are seeking a wide CLM context, encompassing all (or most) contract processes and agreement types across the organization.”¹

¹Gartner, Market Guide for Contract Life Cycle Management, July 16 2015

About Exari

Exari is the market-leading Enterprise Contract Management platform for delivering 100% Contract Certainty™.  Hundreds of thousands of users in over 130 enterprises across 80 countries use Exari for strategic sourcing, contract creation, negotiation, and contract analytics. 5 of the top 15 banks, 4 of the top insurance brokers, and numerous market-leading energy companies use Exari.

Exari is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Oslo and Bergen, Norway, London, UK, Munich, Germany and Melbourne, Australia.  Learn more at www.Exari.com.

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Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.