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Banks and lenders feel the squeeze

With more business going through broker channels, and increased competition among lenders, most banks are faced with falling margins. Lenders with slow and painful loan origination processes are also at risk of losing market share. The combined effect of falling margins and falling market share can be measured in tens of millions.

Time to streamline your loan origination

The challenge is clear. To protect margins and grow market share, lenders need to speed up the origination process from application, through approvals, to documentation and settlement. You need to make it easy for your direct sales team to capture and process deals quickly, without the high costs and risks of repeated manual hand-offs and re-keying. And you need to reach out to brokers and other channels with systems that make it easy for them to direct business your way.

Loans approved and signed in real time?

How do you ensure that your originators capture the right information the first time, every time? How do you ensure that simple, low-risk applications are handled automatically, while more complex requests are flagged for review? How do you generate the correct documents, with consistent and accurate data, without waiting for documentation experts? How do you keep all stakeholders fully informed as the deal progresses?

Click here to learn how Westpac Bank reduced their loan approval response times from days to minutes.

Exari Solution

Exari guides the originator (or, if desired, the end customer) through a web interview asking questions relevant to the customer's specific situation. The interview process ensures that the originator always captures all necessary information. Depending on the answers provided, the application is either automatically approved, or referred to Credit for manual review. Exari generates all loan documentation relevant to the transaction. A preview of each document in the browser enables errors to be detected and corrected prior to output as Word or PDF files. And once the documents have been produced, stakeholders are automatically notified of their availability.

Faster deals, fatter margins

A process which previously took five days is now handled in less than one hour using loan origination software. The end result is lower risk, lower costs, and most importantly, an efficient process that helps you take customers out of the market quickly, and attract more business from third party channels.

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