What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

For years, companies have struggled to manage the backbone of every business—the contract.  Each contract contains vital information about the terms, payments and responsibilities that govern virtually every business process.

Leading companies around the world now use Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software to go beyond simply creating and managing contracts – completely transforming how organizations manage risk and enabling them to shorten sales cycles and reduce costs.

The Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) gives stakeholders at every stage of the process the information needed to maximize contract value and minimize risk.

Key stages of the contract management lifecycle include:

capture and share

Existing paper contracts and contract data aggregated into a central location where knowledge can be easily shared with authorized users via clause libraries.

Analyze and TrackStreamlined access to contract data that can be analyzed for potential risks and tracked to monitor critical milestones using standard and custom reports.

create and negotiateBusiness and legal users can rapidly generate complex contracts and flag important issues for negotiation including state-of-the-art tools for streamlined negotiation.

approve and signAccess to sophisticated approval workflows and the timely capture of all relevant signatures.

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Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.