Managing Your Sales Contracts

What’s taking so long?

Closing more deals is the name of the game. And like it or not, your sales team’s success is tied to its ability to hit revenue targets and close deals quickly. So why is it taking so long to close deals? Contracts are important, but isn’t there a way to streamline the process and shorten sales cycles?

The C-suite called. We need to reduce the sales cycle.

Shorter sales cycles mean more business. Period. But contract-related bottlenecks make deals drag out a lot longer than they should. Even worse, prolonged sales cycles threaten your sales team’s ability to keep up with the pace of business and meet critical sales targets.

Common sense says that one of the easiest ways to shorten the sales cycle is to eliminate contract-related delays and bottlenecks—hazards that routinely turn up at the end of the process.

What would your sales cycle look like if …

Imagine how much faster you could close deals and increase sales volumes if:

  • Routine, low-risk documents and contracts could be created by answering questions in an online interview that has been pre-approved by the legal team.
  • Contracts were only directed to senior team members or legal when the interview triggers built-in thresholds.
  • Contracts and documents could be sent to customers for e-signatures to further reduce turnaround times.
  • Solid, contract data could be accessible and reused across related documents, saving time and eliminating errors—regarding of the complexity of the contract or document.

Exari: Shorter Sales Cycles and Fewer Errors

Document Automation for SalesExari is a breath of fresh air for beleaguered sales teams that need to shorten sales cycles without compromising the accuracy or integrity of contracts and other sales documents. As a global leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology, Exari enables many of our customers to achieve a 50-70% reduction in the time and expense of the sales contracts processes.

Faster turnaround times. Increased business focus. Consistent, error-free contracts. And most importantly, a shorter and more compliant sales cycle. With Exari, you strengthen your business and improve your bottom line.

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Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.