Exari Contracts™

Exari Contracts is a single, robust solution for managing the entire lifecycle of your contracts. As the market leader in intelligent contract lifecycle management (CLM), Exari Contracts is contract management software that delivers the back office visibility and the agile front office support you need to mitigate legal risk and streamline your organization’s sales cycle.

Key Benefits of Exari Contracts

Exari Contracts provides comprehensive access to the entire contract management lifecycle, giving executive, legal and business stakeholders the tools to optimize each stage of the contract management process:

  • Capture & Share: The capture of existing contracts into a single repository for convenient and secure sharing with authorized users.
  • Analyze & Track: Visibility into contract data for the analysis of potential risks and the monitoring of critical milestones and event triggers.
  • Create & Negotiate: The agile creation of both simple and complex contracts, including state-of-the-art tools for streamlined negotiations.
  • Approve & Sign: Review and approval workflows that ensure the capture and storage of all relevant signatures.

Exari Contracts Integrations

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While Exari Contracts can serve as a standalone contract management solution, it also integrates with, SharePoint and other existing systems. Exari Contracts enables the seamless mining and sharing of information across upstream and downstream systems in the organization – providing a single, unified view of contracts, contract data and analysis to General Counsel, Sales, Documentation, Risk Management, Finance and other departments.

Features of Exari Contracts Software

Exari Contracts transforms the way your organization creates, organizes, tracks and analyzes its contracts. Designed to improve visibility and reduce risk, Exari Contracts offers a range of important features, including:

  • Easy-to-implement (and even easier to use), Exari Contracts Hub™ offers capture of key contract data for centralized organization, management, reporting and analysis.
  • Draft and final contracts in Word, PDF or XML file formats—eliminating lost paperwork and version confusion
  • A self-service wizard with pre-approved templates that empower front office professionals to create compliant contracts and close deals in a fraction of the time
  • Mining and sharing of contract data across the enterprise using Exari’s XML technology to tag words, phrases, paragraphs and sections for meaning, extraction and analysis
  • Triggers and alerts prevent missed milestones, renewals and other important dates by providing Contract Managers, Contract Administrators and Compliance teams with complete contract visibility
  • Customizable workflow rules that allows Legal to set up pre-approval for low-risk contracts and approval workflows for high-risk contracts
  • Exari RoundTrip™ negotiation and document comparison tool records all changes made during negotiations and supports re-use of negotiated clauses within the document assembly wizard
  • Storage of manually signed (hardcopy) and e-signature contracts in a central, searchable repository
  • Integrations with, SharePoint and other systems increase the value and actionability of information gathered or created by Exari Contracts
  • Flexible reporting tools give users and managers the ability to analyze and optimize your organization’s contract portfolio

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