Exari DocGen™

As your business grows and becomes more sophisticated, the type of contracts you need to generate grows with it. Over time, the number of lawyers needed to generate contracts grows and can become unmanageable. You need a solution that not only makes your lawyers more efficient, it allows you to extend the contracting process to business professionals across your organization.

If you have these challenges, you need Exari DocGen. Exari DocGen is the world’s leading enterprise document assembly product, used by professionals across many industries to produce and negotiate contracts, legal and business documents. The software supports interactive document generation via a dynamic, web-based wizard, or batch generation via API, with multi-channel document output options including Word RTF, DOCX, PDF, HTML, XML and more.  The Exari DocGen suite includes the most powerful template authoring tools on the market that require no programming or XML knowledge – most of our client’s authors are business analysts or lawyers.  No other document generation or document composition software offers the same depth of features, or can handle the same level of document complexity.

Exari Engine Highlights

The Exari Engine produces tailored documents using answers gathered during an end user questionnaire, or by re-using data imported from other enterprise systems. With an intuitive, end-to-end web experience, it sets the standard for ease of use.

Web-based interview and preview

  • A powerful relevance engine automatically analyzes the template/s selected by the user and dynamically builds a series of web forms – the “wizard” – presenting end users with relevant questions and guidance, grouped by topic.
    • Documents are instantly previewed in the web browser (as HTML), so that users can check and change drafts before launching Word or PDF – keeping them under the control of the rules engine. The browser preview uses “hot spots” to show & change answers, allowing users to roll over variable text to see the link between text and answers – a simple mouse click lets users go back to the relevant question and change any answer.
    • The flow of the wizard can be tuned to the needs of different users, with features such as “fast-forward” to allow busy users to skip to the preview, “not sure” to defer certain questions till later, “bias” to indicate which answers favor which party, a dynamic progress bar to show questions and topics already covered and still to come, and personalized “help text” providing users with in-context guidance and tips
    • Active interview pages provide a more responsive user experience, with instant display of relevant follow-up questions and warnings during the interview. For example, new questions may appear “live” when a user answers a multiple choice question in a particular way.
  • An optional “Learning Mode” lets you keep track of which answers are most commonly chosen by other users, taking into account their previous choices during the Exari web interview. For example, users who choose English law with capped liability, might then see an indicator showing that others in the same scenario capped their liability at 2x fees, nine times out of ten.

Flexible, portable document and data output

  • Documents can be output as Word RTF, DOCX, PDF, HTML, PS and XML.
    • Power features include the ability to embed externally produced documents or chunks of document within the documents being assembled by the engine, and the ability to handle repeating content and data (e.g. variable table rows), including multidimensional, nested arrays.
  • Data captured during the interview can be saved and shared, and data from other systems can be re-used to pre-populate the answers to some or all interview questions.

Unique analysis of negotiated documents

  • You can review a true, trusted redline of changes made from previous draftus using RoundTriptm . This unique feature allows Word documents produced from the Exari engine to be analyzed after another party has made edits.
    • When negotiations are complete, data points that may have been modified during negotiations can be automatically highlighted and corrected.
    • RoundTrip can highlight changes in the current draft against the original draft, the most recent draft or your preferred draft, to address the different needs of contract managers, negotiators and approvers.

Extensive customization options

  • Internationalization features ensure that all application message text and buttons can be configured for different languages, and documents can be produced in one or multiple languages, including double-byte character sets.
  • User interface customization is supported via extensive CSS and message configuration features, and many customers have re-skinned the DocGen UI to provide a seamless alignment with integrated applications.

Exari InstantAuthorTM

Just about anyone can automate a template imported from Word, with no programming skills, and no downloads or plug-ins.  InstantAuthor is our web-based process for getting new smart templates up and running quickly.

  • Original templates are authored in your familiar Word environment, using simple text markers to show how you want the document automation logic to be set up.
    • Word templates are then uploaded to Exari and automatically converted to our smart template format.
    • In a few quick steps, authors then indicate how each question should be presented, and some other basic details. In many cases, a working template can be up and running in minutes.

Exari PowerAuthorTM

PowerAuthor is our fully featured authoring application that lets power users create and edit the most complex documents, forms, clauses and packages.

  • Word-like WSIWYG editing allows authors to create, edit and maintain document content without any exposure to XML tags.
    • Authors easily create most logic by completing simple forms, for example, Topic, Question, Prompts, etc.
    • Variables and other logic can then be inserted or applied by choosing from a drop-down menu of available logic.
    • PowerAuthor handles tables, images, repeating content, embedding of documents within documents, and grouping of documents together.
  • Power users also have a range of testing and diagnostic features that accelerate the process of checking and verifying template integrity.

Exari Template Repository

The Template Repository is our integrated, web-enabled repository for storing and managing your smart templates and clause libraries.

  • Templates are managed with full version control, with a publish action to ensure the correct version is made available to users once all testing and QA steps are complete.
  • The repository has special features designed to streamline template maintenance, including sharing of clauses, logic, styles across multiple templates.

Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.