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Exari is the world’s leading enterprise Document Assembly software. This powerful system is available as a standalone product or integrated into our Contract Management software. Our open architecture allows you to integrate our solutions with your other in-house systems, and because we are platform independent, we can grow with you as you make new IT investments in other systems.

We provide the most powerful authoring tools on the market that require no programming or XML knowledge -- Most of our client’s authors are business analysts and lawyers. No other Document Assembly software can handle the level of document complexity that we can – contact us and we will show you.

 Exari Document Assembly Software

Exari Document Assembly Software Features

Exari InstantAuthor: our web-based wizard for getting new smart templates up and running quickly. Just about anyone can automate a template imported from Word*. No need for programming skills. No need for downloads or plug-ins.

Exari PowerAuthor: our fully featured authoring application lets power users create and edit the most complex documents, forms, clauses and packages.


Exari Engine: produces tailored documents using answers gathered during an end user questionnaire, or by re-using data imported from other enterprise systems. With an intuitive, end-to-end web experience, it sets the standard for ease of use.

Exari Repository: our integrated, web-enabled repository for storing and managing your smart templates and clause libraries.

Try a demo of our Document Assembly software now. Create your own NDA, Services Agreement and more.

*Compatible with Microsoft® Office ('97-2010)


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