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Automated Document Creation for Government Agencies

From Policy to Implementation

Government departments are trying to do more with less while translating policy goals into operational rules. Consider the speed of policy change across benefits, immigration, agriculture and public safety. Then, combine that with requirements for transparency and auditability in government back office functions such as HR and Procurement.  Can the various departments keep up the pace and operate at optimal levels in terms of time, cost or people?

As governments interact with constituents in new ways, simplicity and ease of use are fundamental. Document automation software removes the costs of a face to face interview.  Citizens are ‘interviewed’ online by answering simple questions with guidance provided alongside each question. Dynamic questionnaires allow the system to automatically serve up relevant questions, based on answers to earlier questions.

Exari’s automated document creation software is used around the world by state and federal/central government agencies to streamline document generation and provide self-service across multiple documents and web forms.

Back Office Business Benefits

What if you could cut through all of the Word documents and templates produced by the department in order to define and achieve policy implementation? Exari document creation software allows non-programmers to create smart templates with policy rules built in.  End users are empowered with self-service, compliant document creation via a web browser interview.  Using automated document creation software for semi-standard documents, communications and contracts reduces drafting time and expense by 50-70%.

Front Office, Citizen and IT Benefits

Consider the transition to digital services with the inherent limitations of Word as a server based solution.  Use the same Exari templates to eliminate IT effort to create hand-crafted web forms and avoid the requirement for a separate forms product.  Intuitive e-forms with built in guidance eliminates the need to download paper forms (and their inherent costs) and potential for error introduced by re-keying data.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Rural Development chose Exari to automate the creation of loan packages for its electricity and telecommunications programs. These programs provide reliable, affordable electric and telephone/DSL service to America's rural communities.

The Electric Program provides leadership and capital to upgrade, expand, maintain and replace America's vast rural electric infrastructure. The Telecommunications Program finances the telecommunications infrastructure through loans to create traditional telephone service and broadband access.

This is a great example of how automated document creation software can lead to increased efficiency and compliance with internal and external procedures.


Exari empowers the Australian Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy (the Department) to capture accurate data for the assembly of government procurement documentation and to automate government reporting obligations.

The Department is responsible for several different purchasing processes, from panel management to sole standing offers. Strict regulatory requirements place a large compliance burden on the Department which had been difficult to meet.

Exari Solution

Exari gives you a fast, automated way of creating compliant documents in real time. For certain services, you can give staff a self-service option for creating their own tenders, documents, forms and communications. For internal back office functions, your team can slash hours off the time it takes to prepare a quality first draft. You can also deliver documents in different formats for different users. Our solution lets you generate documents in your preferred format, making it very easy to share key dates, milestones and other data with enterprise systems. Exari provides an audit trail of every detail of a document which supports the government’s transparency agenda and limits the possibility for legal action

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