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Contract & Document Automation Solutions by Industry

Investment Banks

With its patented document automation software, Exari streamlines the production of complex derivatives documentation for ISDA Master Agreements and structured products at the world's leading investment banks.

Commercial Banks

Streamline your loan origination with an intelligent document automation solution that dramatically cuts the time and cost of producing quality lending documents, ready for customer sign-off within hours, not days.


Solve the problem of contract uncertainty with "smart" slips, contracts, forms and wordings. Create consistent, complex insurance documents in real time with Exari document automation solutions.

Law Firms

Create your own “smart” precedents or templates for faster, more profitable internal drafting of contracts and agreements and offer innovative online document assembly direct to your clients.

Real Estate

Leading commercial real estate firms use Exari to improve their competitive positioning by accelerating the generation of various documents including: leases, appraisals, contractor agreements, loan/finance documentation and facilities/property management contracts.


Our contract management solution allows you to create your own "smart" templates to reduce the time, cost and risk of creating RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, RFTs, consultancy contracts, services agreements, supply contracts, and more.


High tech organizations recognize a key opportunity: the ability to get compliant, quality sales contracts drafted and negotiated fast in order to improve deal velocity and ensure revenue is recognized right now.

Professional Services

Firms use Exari document creation software to reduce the time and expense of creating engagement letters, employment agreements, and customer communications, while managing risks and increasing compliance.

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