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Major commercial real estate markets have been in recovery mode since the financial crisis of 2008, with 2011 having shown the strongest evidence of an upswing so far. As real estate markets continue their measured recovery during the remainder of 2013, commercial real estate services firms will see an increase in property sales and leasing, property, facilities and project management, mortgage banking, appraisal and valuation ‚Äčand development services.  

Exari Document Assembly and Contract Management

In order to capitalize on this market resurgence and to improve their competitive positioning in an aggressive global market, commercial real estate firms are looking for ways to:

  • Improve business process efficiencies
  • Further accelerate revenue growth and
  • Reduce operational costs

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Leading commercial real estate firms use Exari to accelerate the generation of various documents including:

  • Leases
  • Term Sheets
  • Appraisals
  • NDAs
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Agreements
  • Loan/Finance Documentation
  • Facilities/Property Management Contracts
  • Consulting Services Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Syndicated Lending Agreements

Exari also offers optional modules to enable these firms to manage contracts throughout the business life-cycle by providing:

  • User and management dashboards
  • Contract approvals
  • A contract repository/document management system (DMS)
  • Reporting
  • Analytics capabilities

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