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Automate and Manage the Full Document Spectrum

Exari can automate and manage the full spectrum of documents across your entire company; from complex contracts for legal, to employment agreements for HR, to finance documents for the CFO, to customer communications (ccm/doccm) for marketing. One product that can meet all of your document automation needs and integrate easily with your existing infrastructure.

Exari is platform independent and has been architected to allow IT professionals to control the way the products behave within current system and application environments. Exari Document Assembly can be fully embedded inside other applications, be implemented standalone or as part of Exari Contract Management. Databases can be queried, directory services accessed and other Web services or applications invoked, to ensure that the specific solution needs of an enterprise are met.

We are strong supporters of open systems and standards, and this is reflected in the products we develop. Our powerful API and workflow allow for easy integration with other systems that surround documents and contracts like CRM (i.e. or ERP (i.e. SQL databases).

Open architecture

The Exari server software is a Java based web application which can be run on your choice of server hardware and operating system.

With no software to download, end users simply need a standard web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) to complete a wizard style interview and generate customized output documents from any internet-enabled device.

Exari resources are stored in a fully version -controlled, WebDAV enabled content repository. The backend can be configured to use your preferred database (such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc) or network attached storage.

All data (including template content and business logic) is stored in nonproprietary XML format. Content is kept separate from document formatting information, and output documents are rendered in the desired format on demand.

Flexible integration

Using Exari’s powerful API, the Exari document engine can be called as part of a Service Oriented Architecture to exchange and capture data, and deliver highly customized output documents in various formats (including Word, PDF, HTML and XML).

If you are using our document assembly product without our contract management product, Exari supports customizable workflow actions such as writing and profiling a document to a document management system, writing answers to a CRM system or database, emailing documents for approval, SMS notifications, looking up current exchange rates, etc.

Scalability and security

Exari supports a range of scaling options (including clustering and failover configurations) providing high availability in the most demanding enterprise environments.

We provide a secure environment supporting user management via LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, SunOne, etc) and access controls that can be set to regulate which users have access to resources and features.

Patented technology

Exari pioneered the use of XML and web technologies as a better way to deliver a simple, yet controlled, document assembly experience. Key aspects of our innovative approach are patented, and we continue to invest in new innovations that will provide relief from the contract related problems facing modern enterprises.

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