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If decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on, then modern managers need fingertip access to trusted information at the time decisions are being made. The information buried inside contracts is vital to a full understanding of customer and supplier relationships, your exposure to liability and risk, the stability of your revenues, and your opportunities for up-selling and growth. The better your visibility into contract data, the easier it is to leverage favorable terms, to identify and manage business or regulatory risk, and to identify more profitable ways to structure future deals.

With Exari’s Contract Automation Solution, all the most important items of contract data are captured via a fast and intuitive wizard or questionnaire. The wizard can be used when creating new contracts, so that high quality data is painlessly captured as a by-product of assembling the agreement. Or the wizard can be used to capture data from an existing portfolio of contracts, and any new contracts you execute on “other people’s paper”.

Contract Management Reporting

Exari’s Contract Reporting module:

  • Makes data capture as streamlined and painless as possible, giving you more detailed and higher quality data.
  • Has a flexible and agile design, allowing business analysts to add or modify data fields quickly, without worrying about the effect on complex reporting tables.
  • Includes canned reports for things you need to analyze on a regular basis (e.g., upcoming expiry, contracts by jurisdiction, contracts by sales rep, etc.).
  • Allows ad hoc reports and queries to be built in response to changing business or regulatory requirements.
  • Has flexible output options, for viewing on screen (html), for printing (pdf) or for spreadsheet analysis (csv).
  • Allows data to be transformed via ETL and shared with other data warehouse and business intelligence systems.

You can find more information on Exari Contract Management software here.

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