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Document Automation Solutions by Business Role

Exari offers custom solutions for professionals in the following business roles:

In-house Legal

For complex, risky or high value deals, legal review is essential. But what if your legal team could share smart precedents, and a library of useful clauses, so that even for complex deals, a compliant first draft is ready in minutes, rather than hours or days?

Sales & Sales Operations

Eliminate waiting for the legal department to draft NDAs and sales contracts. Sales teams can create legally pre-approved sales documents as well as quotes and proposals with Exari Document Assembly and Contract Automation Solutions.


Automate and manage the full spectrum of documents across your entire company, meeting all of your document automation needs and integrating easily with your existing infrastructure. Exari allows IT professionals to control the way the products behave within current system and application environments.

Human Resources

Speed up the time it takes to create offer letters, employment agreements and other HR documents while also increasing compliance.  Eliminate cut and paste errors with Exari Document Assembly.


Whether you're in government or business, the more you buy, the more paperwork you face. Whatever you buy, you need the right RFI, RFP, RFQ, RFT, contract or agreement, and you need the right clauses and schedules to manage your risk.

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