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These days, Human Resource professionals find themselves buried in paperwork.  From candidate evaluation forms, offer letters, employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and equity agreements, all the way to exit interviews and reference letters, HR is a document intensive department.  And with many HR departments supporting global organizations, there's a need for translation and localization.

HR pros need to reduce the time and cost of creating all of these documents and to better manage risks and increase compliance. Just imagine if you could reduce the time it takes to generate an employment contract from hours down to minutes.

Manual document creation is time consuming and risky

Too many things can go wrong when HR documents are created by cutting and pasting from existing documents. You can be exposed to significant risks due to the manual tracking of conditional arrangements as well as legal risks regarding terms and conditions. Then there's the issue of changes, sometimes as many as ten per document. How do you properly track them and create a final document without it taking forever?

A better approach is to implement a standardized template system that is easy to modify and update safely and allows you to expertly manage approved document templates.  This also enables you to share data across multiple documents so that an employment package containing, for example, an offer letter, employment contract and equity agreement can be created at the same time.

Automated HR Document Creation

With Exari Document Assembly, you can generate hundreds of standard hire agreements using batch processing as well as individual, customized offer letters and employment packages. Preferred grammar and wordings are built directly into the template to guarantee consistency across job level and geography. And the system provides capacity for more employee self service, so not all documents require experts. Template changes can be done in real time with no incremental cost.

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