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Insurance Document Creation Solution

Exari automates all types of insurance documents

Exari’s insurance document creation solution gives underwriters and brokers a fast and agile way to create and compare quotes, accelerate the placement cycle, produce complex policies and wordings, automate endorsements and renewals, and streamline product configuration. The system is used by large global brokers, innovative London brokers, re-insurance companies, leading Lloyd’s Syndicates and US carriers.


  • Win new business and retain the business you already have
  • Get new and updated products to market faster than your competitors
  • Improve compliance and contract certainty
  • Lower costs of product development

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Insurance Document Creation Features

Brokers, agents, underwriters and customers use an intuitive web browser wizard, making it quick and easy to capture data and create compliant insurance documents, no matter where they are.

Insurance Document Generation Speeds New Products to Market & Reduces E&O ExposureDownload our Insurance Industry Brief
That same single wizard can guide users through the selection and assembly of multiple documents, including ISO and ACORD “fill-able” PDF forms, bespoke documents, into complex insurance policies.


Re-insurers can create complex facultative and treaty reinsurance contracts, including via multiple authors.

Clause library management allows market standard and best practice clauses to be shared and re-used across multiple templates, and simplifies product maintenance and updates.

Bordereau and MI Reporting capabilities are provided.

Users can build risk and rating algorithms into product business rules, or call external rating engines.

Exari easily integrates with established insurance workflow applications, upstream and downstream systems, including passing data in/out using industry standard data dictionaries.

Exari integrates with to enable brokers and underwriters to manage their sales process and more easily maintain quotes and live policies.

Best authoring tools enable business users to build, configure and update product rules and templates quickly, with little or no dependence on IT support.

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