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Automated legal document drafting with Exari

Exari Document Assembly is especially designed for large law firms. It is both an intelligent precedents system and a platform for online delivery of do-it-yourself documents direct to clients. We give you the tools to create smart templates, clause libraries and packages of documents, so that more of what you know can be shared and re-used. We make sure that knowledge is quick and easy to find in a central web-based repository, and we help you to automate document drafting, using an intelligent interview process to ensure a fast, consistent outcome every time. Plus, we do all this in a future-proof XML format, giving you the flexibility to produce perfectly styled documents in Word (DOCX), RTF or PDF, and the ideal platform for online innovation.

Happy clients, more profit

Reduce Turnaround Time, Increase Profits and Improve Client RelationsRead how Exari helped this law firm
The benefits of Exari will be quick and clear. Faster turnaround, improved business focus, and consistent, error-free documents will help to make your client relationships stronger and longer lasting. Improved productivity will allow you to offer fixed fee services with better margins for improved profitability. And more effective knowledge sharing will help you reinvent the wheel, saving time and cost on training, repetitive work and rekeying.

Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.