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Contract Certainty, Documentation and Policy Generation for Insurance Brokers, Underwriters and Reinsurers

With increased scrutiny from the regulators, and growing pressure for cost savings, the time has come to streamline your broker or underwriter processes and automate your insurance documentation. Unfinished contracts leave everyone exposed to large, unmanageable risks. Manual drafting slows things down and keeps your costs high. Vague wordings lead to long, costly disputes. The rich vein of granular data held in your documents can’t be tapped to provide powerful analysis. The challenge is clear – improve the speed and quality of data gathering and document generation and do it fast. Read what Global Broker Magazine said.

Complex documents in real time?

Are you re-keying the same data into multiple systems and documents? Do you dream of compliant documents at the push of a button?  Not sure how to retain the flexibility to “do the deal” without losing control? Need a system that’s intuitive and easy for anyone to use? What if you could feed back office systems and create slips, quotes, policies, forms and wordings using a web-based questionnaire to ensure consistency across systems, products, documents? Exari has done it. Our unique software has automated a diverse selection of the most complex insurance documents for use in various roles, geographies and languages.

Exari Insurance Document Solution

Exari’s Insurance Document Solution gives you a fast, automated way of creating complex documents in real time. You can set up smart templates that give brokers and underwriters an easy, self-service option for producing slips, quotes, policies, contracts and other insurance documents. Libraries of smart wordings and clauses help your legal and wording teams to prepare an excellent first draft in record time. You can also deliver documents in different formats for different users. Read-only PDF lowers the risk of last minute changes, while Word (DOCX) and RTF let you finish the drafting in your preferred word processor.

Lower costs, lower risk

Exari interviews incorporate referral, compliance and business rules. Help text and guidance notes steer the user seamlessly through the process so it will never ask for the same data twice and will only ask relevant questions based upon previous answers. The data captured can be fed to other integrated systems, eradicating the opportunity for re-keying errors and reducing the need for centralized processing teams. You choose the balance point between flexibility and control, so deals can close and manuscript clauses can be accommodated and reported upon.

Increasingly Exari’s contract management solutions are being used to develop scale-able cover holder solutions to enable rapid entry into new lines of business, or new markets, allowing business to be written by a third party, while giving the insurer total control over the rules, a transparent real time view of documents produced and the ability to analyse and report in real time.

With Exari, the end result is greater control, more visibility, increased efficiency, reduced error opportunity, lower costs, and contract certainty all the time.

Contracts are the backbone of your business. Up your game and protect your company.