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Intuitive web wizard and patented technology

Built on patented XML technology

In 2000, Exari's founders saw the potential for XML to deliver a more powerful, controlled approach to contract authoring, and in 2001 Exari released the world's first online document assembly system built on Java and XML. Our patented technology lets you create smart contract templates as native XML documents, then deliver tailored contracts in Word, PDF, HTML or XML formats. This lays the foundation for a new era of contract transparency, where portfolios of native XML contracts are marked up with semantic tags. This semantic web of business contracts offers unmatched visibility for contract analytics and risk management.

Platform independent for maximum flexibility

Exari has a long commitment to open standards and platform independence. We believe it gives our customers the most flexibility and choice. Whether you want your solution to run on Windows, Linux or in the Cloud (SaaS), we can make it happen.

Our solutions are also built for browser independence, because we're living in a collaborative, networked world, and you can no longer assume that the world will use the tools you dictate. So, no matter what browser you choose -- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or something else -- you can rest assured Exari will work just fine.

         Exari CTO Justin Lipton explains how Exari capitalizes on non-proprietary XML          technology to deliver a powerful yet intuitive document generation experience:

And as we extend our contract solutions, we're doing so in a flexible, modular fashion. If you want to implement a contract solution that leverages your existing investment in document management, workflow or ERP systems, you can. Various Exari modules are readily adaptable to different tools and platforms: our key terms data model; our semantic XML contract markup model; our approval, workflow and business process designs; and our reporting templates.

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