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The 7 Deadly Sins of Contract Drafting
How (not) to put your career on the fast track to purgatory                              

by Jamie Wodetzki

First presented as a 45-minute Emerging Technology Session at LegalTech New York 2009, The 7 Deadly Sins of Contract Drafting is now available in seven 2-minute clips featuring stories from the front line of legal service automation at worldwide leading companies and law firms.

What's your sin?

Explore the 7 Deadly Sins of contract drafting and learn how intelligent document assembly cuts costs and eliminates many of the errors that will otherwise get you in trouble.

We recommend using headphones to listen to the videos as it improves sound quality and clarity.

lust cover gluttony cover greed cover sloth cover

Lust- Don’t lust after sexy documents
Time 2:28 | Slides

Gluttony- Don’t draft fat, long contracts
Time 1:41 | Slides

Greed- Don’t expect every clause to go your way
Time 1:52 | Slides

Sloth- Don't be complacent about slothful drafting
Time 1:51 | Slides

wrath cover envy cover pride cover  

Wrath- Don't be caught with the wrong clauses
Time 1:43 | Slides

Envy- Don't just focus only on the big things
Time 1:57 | Slides

Pride- Don't be overwhelmed by love of your drafting
Time 1:51 | Slides


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