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Document Assembly and Contract Management Whitepapers

Introduction to Document Assembly and Contract Management

Intro to Contract Management

Successful contract lifecycle management (CLM) begins with high quality contract creation, often known as document assembly. Creating contracts and documents from approved templates ensures quality and consistency, and improves compliance.

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Four Ways to Improve Compliance and Reduce Revenue Leakage

Contract Management Whitepaper

Revenue leakage due to inadequate management of sales contracts is a challenge facing companies across a variety of industries. The Aberdeen Group has reported that “poor management of contracts in the opportunity-to-order cycle results in revenue leakage between 5% and 9%,” – a figure that can be the difference in making or breaking the revenue goal.

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Sales Contract Competence: On Time and Compliant

Sales Contract Management Whitepaper

Too frequently, legal teams invest excessive time creating critical sales documents -- Experts indicate that more than 70% of in-house counsel spends significant time creating sales contracts. While producing these documents seems routine, it’s anything but. In fact, your organization can be losing money and increasing your exposure to risk using error prone document creation processes.

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Managing the Spectrum of Complexity

complex contract management report

This report summarizes the outputs from a workshop held at the 2012 IACCM EMEA Forum.  The objective of the workshop was to investigate common issues arising from the creation and management of complex contracts. Over fifty delegates participated, including contracts and commercial professionals from many blue-chip organisations with global operations.

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InsideCounsel Sales Contracts Survey Report

InsideCounsel Survey Report Whitepaper

Automation of sales contract creation and management has become increasingly important to the overall success, profitability and risk management of companies. To gain insight into how legal departments manage their sales contracts and the effect that is having on the success of their companies, Exari, a leading contract automation solution provider, reached out to InsideCounsel to survey its in-house attorney readership.

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2011 Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey Report

Contract Automation Whitepaper

The most striking finding of this survey was the large amount of risk that respondents reported experiencing from their contracts and the extent to which it had hurt their business. Approximately 3⁄4 (71%) of respondents reported being concerned about the risk of revenue leakage as a result of their contracts.

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