Archive: July, 2006

Boilerplate that Bites: The Arbitration Clause

We had three arbitrators billing us at $500 per hour, and the case was going nowhere with no end in sight… at least in court the judge is paid for by the taxpayers

General Counsel, Fortune 500 company

Next time you’re skimming through the boilerplate, take a moment to ponder that standard form dispute resolution clause. And if it talks about arbitration, you may want to read about Arbitration’s Fall From Grace before you seal the deal.

It’s not that arbitration is all bad. But its usefulness and popularity seems to depend very much on the circumstances, and who you’re talking to.

A Three Step Plan for Legal IT

Lawyers like doing “high end” legal work. They hate losing clients. And they like to argue about the value of IT. But as Bruce MacEwan writes on his blog Adam Smith, Esquire, this month has witnessed some kind of consensus about how law firms can best use technology for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Think of it as a 3 step plan to successful investment in IT: