Archive: October, 2007

The End of Lawyers?

First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers – Shakespeare, King Henry VI

About 400 years ago, Shakespeare thought the people would rise up and kill all the lawyers. Now, Richard Susskind reckons technology will put most of them out of a job. And just in case you don’t get time to read his new book, the key message is neatly summed up in the title: The End of Lawyers?

But don’t worry, despite the provocative title, it’s not all doom and gloom for the legal profession. It’s only the “outdated” lawyers that need to worry. All you modern, hip, crackberry-types are safe.

Or are you?

Put Your Complaints in Writing

Henry Ford once said “never complain, never explain.” But where’s the fun in that? If we don’t complain about poor service and rude staff, how can we expect things to change? Complaining is the wind in the sails of customer service improvement. And so, to stiffen the breeze, Exari has created a smart complaint letter, making it easier than ever for you to put your complaints in writing.

But, in the interests of balance, we’re also including the option of sending positive feedback. You have a choice. You can complain. Or you can say nice things. It’s up to you.

The customer feedback letter is the latest demo document available on, which now showcases some of the new features of Exari V5.