Archive: September, 2009

The Perils of MS Word

Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Justin Lipton has begun blogging over at From time to time we’ll share Justin’s posts in this blog as well. Here’s his most recent:

A mistake in a Word document has caused considerable damage and embarrassment to a publicly listed company in New Zealand. I recently read this post about an unfortunate comment that was left in a company’s annual financial statement. It reminded me how careful we need to be when using generic tools such as Word to produce documents.

Contract Automation Impacts the Sales Cycle

As technology and the economy have created more and more pressure to close deals faster with less cost, innovative sales executives are looking for ways to accelerate their sales cycle without increasing headcount and costs.

Contract automation not only saves time in contract creation but can also eliminate the need to wait for a busy legal department to create and review contracts. Inefficient, manual processes waste time and money throughout the enterprise.

Document Assembly for Insurance Policy Generation

Although document assembly has its origins in the world of law firms and legal contracts, it has more recently been pressed into service as a document automation platform in the document-intensive insurance world. After all, an insurance or reinsurance policy is indeed a contract.

The need for contract certainty along with increased scrutiny from the regulators, and growing pressure for cost savings, makes document assembly an ideal insurance industry solution.