Archive: February, 2010

The “Word styling” ward of the asylum

dgzjbh33_80fxgv6gcv_bAt Exari we take Microsoft Word styling seriously. Your documents depend on styles not just to look good, but also to remain error-free. With templates, it’s garbage in, garbage out. If templates aren’t well styled, then the documents you create from them are at risk.

Legal Departments Must Modernize

In today’s economy, companies are continually challenged by three major issues: Complexity, Dynamics and Speed. It is important to manage these challenges successfully in order to remain a top-performing company. Part of meeting the challenge includes the focus on long term success versus short term gains. It requires a way of thinking outside the box (executing against the trend) and a review of old habits– how things have been done versus how things could be done.

Document Assembly is … SEXY?

oscar_statuette-744043-1And the Academy Award for the best Document Automation Technology (for the fifth year in a row) goes to …Exari

Thank you Gwyneth, thank you Brad – wow this is great. You dream of these moments but never really think its going to happen, but here we are and, well, I’m lost for words. I just want to thank some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes that have made this all possible……

…. And then I wake up.

OK, so Document Automation isn’t the most exciting thing in the world and it’s hardly going to keep the attention of the person you’re trying to impress at a dinner party, but we think it’s important.

Making key documents more accurate and compliant while producing them faster and consistently anywhere in the world is all very well but it’s not exactly SEXY.

Contracts only really matter when something goes wrong and they are dissected in Court. It’s hard to explain to your boss that implementing document assembly has saved a fortune in legal costs because you are producing tighter contracts because he’ll say “that’s just your job”.

We’re never going to experience the thrill of a Top Gun sortie or hold someone’s beating heart in our hands but we have found a way of making what we do more exciting – by making our customers more money.

Continuous Improvement and Solvency II in the London Market

The London Reform Group just released their review of 2009 and plans for 2010. The key theme of the letter to CEOs from Chairman Barnabus Hurst-Bannister, is that progress has been made on key reform matters, but that “We are now engaged in the sort of continuous improvement exercise that all markets must pursue or risk being left behind by their competitors.”