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Insurers Focus on Operational Efficiency

If 2009 was the year to do more with less, then 2010 has become the year to “Do a lot more with a little more.” According to a survey conducted by IVANS Inc., 93% of insurance carriers queried are increasing their investment in automation technologies to improve operational efficiency.

Clare DeNicola, president and CEO of IVANS Inc said,”Like most organizations, carriers are working with finite resources and want to invest in projects that will have the greatest impact on their business.” Insurance companies recognize the need to maintain a competitive edge by enhancing customer experience.

Book Review: The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools

In The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools, Marc Lauritsen, President of Capstone Practice Systems (an Exari Document Automation Services Partner), outlines best practices for leveraging technology to maximize your “return on effort.”

“Knowledge tool is not yet a common or standard term. I use it to refer to software with significant knowledge content that does something, that applies to or processes knowledge, beyond just storing or moving it.”

In our last post, “How to Match Your Requirements to a Document Assembly System” we provide guidance for those who are still evaluating solutions. Lauritsen’s book goes beyond the process of choosing software applications, delving deeper into the financial and functional benefits of technologies like work product retrieval, document assembly, and interactive checklists.

“My emphasis is on the aspects of legal work that can be systematized and the functional possibilities of knowledge systems – not the technical details.”

Proper utilization of knowledge tools, according to Lauritsen, can help lawyers and other professionals, avoid “unnecessary motion” by reusing previous intellectual investments. “Usually the cost of recording, preserving, and retrieving knowledge is less than the cost of reacquiring it.”

Lauritsen’s goal is to find ways to get more done with less. One way to accomplish this is to reuse work and information, rather than redo. “What we’re talking about here,” he says, ” is gaining an edge – getting a better return on effort.”

Nikki Dever contributed to this post.

How To Match Your Requirements To A Document Assembly Solution – 4 Tips

In a previous post I explained the importance of gathering requirements at the start of a project. In this post I’m going to discuss the relationship between certain requirements and different document assembly solutions.

Oh The Pain – of Insurance Renewals

At the Risk & Insurance Management Society Conference (RIMS2010 Boston) last month, Exari conducted a survey of Risk Managers to assess the “State of the Renewals Process.”

We surveyed Risk Managers from across the United States and Europe, representing a wide range of industries, to learn what they have to do each year when the time comes to renew their corporate insurance coverages.