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The Billable Hour is Not Dead, but Many Would Like to Kill it

An article in The Economist entitled, Curbing those long, lucrative hours: The billable hour is not dead, but many people would like to kill it, quotes Exari Partner Seth Rowland, President of Basha Systems, on the value of document assembly.

He cites an example where document assembly software reduced the time needed to put together a certain type of real-estate lease from 40 hours to one. Seth says,” Automating the automatable stuff allows lawyers to spend more time talking to the client, so everyone wins.”

Legal Technology Glossary: 17 Terms Explained

Sometimes, talking about technology feels like speaking (or listening to) a foreign language, and you’re just not sure you quite understand what’s going on.

To try to help, below is a glossary of 17 commonly used legal technology terms defined in plain English.

Best of The Exari Blog, Part 1

About this series: The Exari team has worked for nearly five years to make this blog a complete resource for information about contracts and document assembly. With more than 180 published articles, we thought we would introduce our newer readers to the most popular articles from the archive.

In January, 2006, Exari founder Jamie Wodetzki started a blog called Pactum: News and views on contracts, agreements and all the fine print in between. In an excerpt from his first post, Wodetzki outlines his intentions for the new blog:

Why blog about contracts? Because there’s always something useful to learn from a contract scandal, and there’s lots to keep up with when it comes to drafting, negotiating, closing, signing, managing, enforcing and renewing the contracts we deal with every day.

Win The Argument For Standard Contracts

IACCM President Tim Cummins recently blogged about this topic saying, “Standard templates improve business control, reduce risk and increase efficiency. They have been adopted by more than 70% of large companies.