Archive: November, 2010

5 Essential Elements of an NDA

Although a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, may be one of the most basic legal agreements, it’s among the most important. A carefully crafted NDA will prohibit the unauthorized use of confidential information, thereby protecting your trade secrets and that million dollar idea. You can create your own NDA here.

Nondisclosure agreements are typically initiated at the beginning of a business relationship between two or more parties. In most negotiations, NDAs are not meant to be permanent. Rather, they serve as an interim document while the terms, including a new set of confidentiality provisions, of a final contract are agreed upon.

Document Assembly in the Clouds

For the first time (that we are aware of anyway) Document Assembly will be in the clouds. And by clouds, we mean the white, fluffy kind, not the SaaS kind.

Terry Lee was recently interviewed on Sky Radio, talking about how businesses can benefit by automating their contracts process. If you have plans for upcoming air travel in the US over the next couple of months, you can listen to the interview during your flight.

Document Assembly systems have been available in the other cloud for quite some time now, whether integrated with or as a standalone hosted system. In addition to those SaaS deployment options, Exari can also be integrated with SharePoint or other existing in-house systems, or installed standalone on premise.

If you do happen to hear Terry’s interview while you’re flying through the clouds, please let us know. We’re curious about how far his voice will travel!