Archive: May, 2011

Derivatives Documentation – Questions Answered

During our recent webinar, “Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment,” we had several questions from the audience that we couldn’t cover in the time allotted. Paul Nelmes of Exari offers the following response to one of the questions posed from the audience during the Web-event.

Derivatives Documentation Resources and Glossary

Following our recent webinar, Managing OTC Derivatives Documentation in a Central Clearing Environment, Julia Schieffer posted a list of her favorite resources for derivatives professionals in search of explanations for some of the jargon used in the derivatives industry. Her list included:

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission website: for its resources on the Dodd-Frank Act legislation, regulatory meetings and related reports; and Sapient Global Markets OTC Derivatives Terminology Glossary — this is a very useful resource for basic terms though not documentation specific.

InsideCounsel Magazine and Exari Launch Survey On Sales Contracts Processes

poll2We have partnered with InsideCounsel Magazine to survey how in-house legal departments assess the effectiveness of their current sales contracts creation and management processes. The survey launched yesterday and will be open for two weeks.

All qualified respondents are eligible to enter a drawing to win an iPad and can elect to receive the full results report. You can take the 2-3 minute survey here, if you are an inhouse legal professionals.

Contract Benchmark Data

Spring seems to be the season of surveys and we’re being alerted to several. Since many of these contracts surveys have a direct correlation to contract creation (document assembly) and contract management, we’ll be sharing interesting findings. Where appropriate, we’ll also provide links to the surveys.