Archive: July, 2011

2011 Contracts Survey Report Now Available

Did you know that one in four companies experienced unplanned losses last year due to errors in their sales contracts? This helps explain why sales contract management has become increasingly important to the overall success, profitability and risk management of companies.

To gain insight into how law departments manage their sales [sell side] contracts and the effect it has on the success of their companies, Exari, partnered with InsideCounsel to survey its readership. The complimentary report with full results is now available on our website.

Why CFOs Should Care About Sales Contracts

Are you actually booking all of the profits that your company is entitled to? Because revenue leakage due to inadequate management of sales contracts is regularly costing companies a slice of their hard earned revenue. Do you know the full impact that revenue leakage is having on your bottom line?

In a recent survey of more than 400 in-house counsel conducted by InsideCounsel Magazine and Exari, more than 25% of respondents reported incurring unplanned losses or write-offs due to errors in their sales contracts during the past year.