Archive: November, 2011

Orica Mining Services Licenses Exari for Sales Contract Automation

We are pleased to announce that Orica Mining Services, the world’s leading supplier of commercial explosives, has selected Exari to automate sales contracts throughout North America.

Our interactive document generation solution will enable Orica to create and execute sales contracts more efficiently and reduce the risk of errors. Orica plans to integrate Exari into the other systems that support their sales organization including Lotus Notes and SAP.

Orica’s Director of Commercial Management, Jeff Blair said, “We chose Exari because it was the best fit with our requirements including ease of use for our end users and the ability to integrate with our other internal systems. We’ll use Exari for all of our sales agreements in North America and will benefit from gains in both efficiency and risk reduction.”

ACC Annual Meeting Recap

Last week we were in Denver for the Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting. The event was very well attended and we had great meetings with customers, prospects and people dropping by the booth. Judging by the number of people visiting our booth, there seemed to be a lot of interest in both document assembly and contract management.