Archive: April, 2012

Document Assembly and Contract Management Explained

In an effort to “demystify” document assembly and contract management, we recently hosted a webinar outlining some basic concepts. You can view a recording here.

Lloyd’s lists Exari as Technology Vendor

We are pleased to announce that Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance market (formerly known as Lloyd’s of London), has included Exari as a technology vendor in its new Tools and Resources Guide. The Resources can be found on the Lloyd’s website under “The Market” section. You can see Exari’s listing here.

Exari’s insurance document creation solution gives underwriters and brokers a fast and agile way to create and compare quotes, accelerate the placement cycle, produce complex policies and wordings, automate endorsements and renewals, and streamline product configuration. All of the data captured during the document creation process is available for reporting and analysis.