Archive: July, 2012

Real Estate Document Creation

Hopefully it’s a sign of an improving economy, but we have definitely noticed an uptick in inquiries from several sectors of the commercial real estate business. Makes sense, since real estate can be very document intensive. And when business is good, you don’t want your document creation process to slow your growth.

Managing Complex Contracts – New Report

At the recent IACCM EMEA Forum, we conducted a workshop with Devant, a specialist commercial contract creation, negotiation and education consultancy, entitled, “Managing the Spectrum of Complexity,” and have compiled the outputs into a new report.

Over fifty delegates, including contracts and commercial professionals from many global organizations like Accenture, IBM, Panasonic and Schlumberger, attended the event. The objective of the workshop was to identify common causes and consequences of contract failure, and to work with the group to identify potential mechanisms to avoid such failures in the future.