Archive: May, 2013

Revolutionary mutterings from Stanford’s FutureLaw Conference: the machines are coming…

It’s hard enough to get lawyers to agree about things happening right now. Getting them to agree about the future? That’s impossible. So it’s no surprise that there were many different views of the future at Stanford’s FutureLaw Conference. The event, hosted by the “CodeX” Center for Legal Informatics, brought together a broad mix of legal, technology, business, academic and finance people for a busy day of future-gazing. What follows is my personal take on the conference highlights and some impressions on where there was (or wasn’t) consensus. For another perspective, you can read Tim Hwang’s take on the “Stanford Consensus” here.

Is your department over-lawyered, under-lawyered, or just right?

For the second consecutive year, in conjunction with General Counsel Metrics, LLC , we are pleased to invite you to take part in the fourth General Counsel Metrics Law Department Benchmark Survey. It had more than 1,000 total participants last year, each of whom enjoyed access to valuable benchmarking data coming out of the survey.
There’s no cost to participate, and the confidential survey should only take a few minutes. Simply enter a few facts and figures about your 2012 legal staff and spending (# of lawyers, paralegals, and other staff; in-house and external legal spend; revenue). There are also a couple of technology questions, such as which contract management software you use. Only aggregated and normalized information is published, such as median lawyers per billion dollars of revenue.