Archive: July, 2013

Boston Legal Innovation Meetup

The Boston area legal community gathered on July 18th at Suffolk Law School for the second installment of the Boston Legal Innovation Meetup. Thanks to Andy Perlman – a professor at Suffolk University Law School and the Director of its Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation – and Adam Ziegler – co-founder of Mootus, a startup building a platform for open, online legal argument – the Greater Boston area finally has a venue to come together and discuss legal innovation and technology.

Happy Birthday, Dodd-Frank!

Three years ago yesterday, Barack Obama signed the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and the reviews are decidedly mixed.

USA Today has a column today by Ted Kaufman entitled Three Years Later, Dodd-Frank is a Failure. The column goes on to say: “Sadly, except for a recent promising development that may increase capital requirements for megabanks, after three years the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act has not delivered on its promise to fix the problems that caused the financial meltdown of 2008-2009.”

Top Five Reasons to Automate Contract Management

We live in a litigious world, and most businesses are dealing with contracts that are both more numerous and more complex. So there are many good reasons to automate and improve the way those contracts are managed. In no particular order, here are our top five: