Archive: November, 2013

The Prius Effect: The Future of Legal Services May Be a Man-Machine Hybrid

Can machines out-think humans, today or maybe someday? And what impact could this eventuality have on professions such as the law? Will computers replace the lawyers and contract managers who currently create, negotiate, analyze and track contracts? Or does the complexity of these tasks require a mysterious human touch?

In a recent New York Times Sunday book review, Walter Isaacson, the biographer of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, reviews “Smarter Than You Think”, a book by technology journalist Clive Thompson. If Thompson is right, the future may not favor man or machine. Rather, we’ll see a hybrid model emerge: the best of human and machine intelligence working together. Perhaps, we should call it the Prius Effect?

How to Increase Sales, Reduce Cost and Minimize Risk with Intelligent Contract Management

The pressure is on. Regardless of your industry, you are expected to deliver more with less: more revenue with less cost and more results with less risk.

The good news for Legal and Sales Operations teams is that intelligent contract management can help you meet these challenges, with substantial benefits flowing to your bottom line.