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You have the toughest job in business—managing the increasingly complex and dizzying array of contracts across your company. At Exari, we understand the challenges you’re up against and we’re here to help.

Why we’re obsessed with 100% Contract Certainty™

We’re committed to delivering on the potential of 100% Contract Certainty™. In fact, we’re obsessed with it. We are now the gold standard in the enterprise contract management market with a unique approach for transforming contracts from documents into data to deliver on our mission of 100% Contract Certainty™.

Exari was founded by two corporate lawyers and a software engineer who set out to revolutionize contract management. The result? An enterprise-class, standards-based process. Our solutions are designed to equip business users with self-service documents that reduce risk and speed document creation—helping our clients become more agile by reducing bottlenecks and improving compliance.

As a global leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, we give companies around the world the ability to automatically assemble contracts, track every contract in their organization, and analyze those contracts to ensure compliance and enhance revenues. Our powerful technology is the most flexible CLM system anywhere in the world.

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