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The World's Favorite Enterprise-wide Contract Management Platform

Companies are demanding a better way to manage their contracts. Unfortunately, the promise of contract management has failed to live up to its enterprise potential with limited implementations meeting siloed departmental needs. Without a unified approach to enterprise contract management, companies will continue to have an incomplete picture of the value and risks buried within contracts.

There is a better way.

Many Solutions, One Platform

Exari was founded by corporate lawyers who recognized that the process of contract drafting and negotiation was broken. Their vision was a document revolution that would change the way the whole world managed and utilized their contracts, turning them into vehicles for visibility into business processes and risk. It worked. Once they solved the document problem, they turned their sights to getting the most insight from contract data. The result?

Today, the Exari platform is the most complete lifecycle solution for unifying contract management across an entire enterprise. Only Exari combines its unique patented technology, the Universal Contract Model™ with high-speed machine extraction to deliver unprecedented contract insight and control to reduce risk and accelerate business processes. Because the Exari platform is document agnostic, the data from new, legacy, and third-party contracts can be seamlessly captured and operationalized no matter the industry or department. That’s right; all your contract data AND documents in one place, for the very first time.

Exari is trusted by more than 250 multinational companies across a diverse range of industries including top global banks, the world’s top insurance brokers and numerous market-leading energy companies. With our current solutions, we can support virtually any enterprise contract management need, anywhere, anytime, truly providing 100% Contract CertaintyTM.

Why is Exari better than all the rest?

Enterprise Collaboration and Control: Eliminate the uncertainty of rogue contracting, undocumented email exchanges, and poorly documented commitments and ad hoc requirements.

Sophisticated Process Automation: Our unique drafting wizards, workflows, and alerts provide high quality documentation and consistency without the cost and risk of manual processes.

The Highest Accuracy Data Capture: Our powerful AI-driven solution captures contract data with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Robust Reporting: Contract data is automatically mapped to our Universal Contract Model™, allowing for consistent reporting across entire portfolios.

Deep Risk Visibility: Reports, dashboards, and risk scoring algorithms expose business risk across individual contracts, specific departments, or entire enterprises, including visibility into prevailing terms in real time so you never miss a hidden risk.

Bring your contracting into the 21st century, with Exari.