What Makes Exari the Leader

Exari was founded by lawyers who recognized that the process of contract drafting and negotiation was broken. Since our pioneering years 15 years ago, our team has expanded to include experts with strong legal backgrounds and a unique combination of business savvy and technological prowess that enables us to not only truly understand your business and your pain points, but also transform your contract problems into visibility and risk solutions.

By revolutionizing the way businesses manage and utilize their contracts – turning them into vehicles for visibility into business processes and risk – Exari stays true to its mission to be the world’s contract management leader by helping organizations achieve 100% Contract Certainty™.

Exari Points of Difference

Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions are simply the most intuitive, powerful and flexible enterprise contract management technologies on the market. At Exari, we know how important contract management is to your company and we’ve built our software to give you the tools you need to manage the entire contract lifecycle—from contract creation and capture to approval and monitoring.

Process matters when it comes to regulation, risk and complexity

Our deep expertise in complex and highly regulated industries enables customers to comply with standards, controls, and audits. Compliance failure can result in significant business impact. Together we set the standard for business process control and audibility. Our solutions deliver significant benefits, including:

Enterprise Collaboration: Eliminate the uncertainty of rogue contracting, undocumented email exchanges and, poorly documented commitments and ad hoc requirements.

Process Automation: Our unique drafting wizards, workflows, and alerts provide high quality documentation and consistency without the cost and risk of manual processes.

Audibility: Fine grain change control and audit trails provide the process assurance of the most demanding sourcing organizations.

Relationship Risk: Knowing every external relationship and how changes to these relationships affect the bottom line;

Revenue Risk: Understanding early termination or other surprise events that could force a company to restate revenue;

Supply Chain Risk: Understanding all the players in your supply chain and whether their commitments match those made to your customers. Would a supplier failure leave your business exposed?

Although there are plenty of contract management technologies to choose from, we also know that not all solutions are created equal. In addition to an unparalleled list of benefits and features, Exari solutions offer several key points of difference that separate us from the rest of the pack:

  • Open Systems – From the beginning, Exari technology was built on XML to allow for open standards, providing increased visibility into data to help you better manage compliance, mitigate risk exposure and act on contractual revenue opportunities.
  • Powerful Document Assembly Engine–Developed in Java, our proprietary document assembly engine accepts input from many systems (including MS Word) and provides output in various formats including RTF, DOCX, HTML, PDF, Postscript and XML. Exari is not dependent on Word and is not affected by intellectual property decisions that have negatively impacted other document assembly vendors.
  • Ease of Integration – Opens systems and standards enable Exari’s powerful API and workflow to easily integrate with other critical systems including CRM (Salesforce.com), ERP (SQL databases), Sharepoint and DMS. Exari also participates in various standards efforts and hosts an open source XML editor project called Xerlin.
  • Global Presence – Unlike most of our competitors, Exari is a true global contract management and document automation company. Our offices in Boston, London, Munich and Melbourne allow us to provide 24/7 remote and in-person support to customers around the world.
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