Award Winning Document Assembly Solution

law-award-2007-hr-advanceA decade ago, in his best selling book, The Future of Law, legal technology seer, Richard Susskind, predicted that one day:

“lawyers will embody their document drafting know-how in packages which will become a form of marketable information service.”

By way of example he described how a document assembly system might be developed to enable Human Resources personnel to generate legally compliant employment contracts without having to engage lawyers.

Last year, the law firm, Australian Business Lawyers, in partnership with the New South Wales Business Chamber, fulfilled Susskind’s prophecy by launching HR Advance, an Exari-powered online service for the creation of employment documents.

This month Australian Business Lawyers was awarded the 2007 Australian Lawtech Award for Innovation in Legal IT in recognition of its pioneering work on a groundbreaking product.

Equally impressive is the fact that HR Advance has grown to over 400 subscribers and generated more than 17,000 documents since it was launched, making it as much a commercial success for the firm, as it is an innovative legal offering.

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