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7 Reasons To Automate Your Contracts

7 Reasons To  Automate Your Contracts
7 Reasons To  Automate Your Contracts

July 07, 2015 Dahna Ori Contract Management   Document Generation  

Contracts are the backbone of every organization. They define and contain every aspect of all corporate relationships; with employees, customers, vendors, partners and stakeholders. Managing your contracts efficiently amounts to managing your business efficiently. And the same holds true whether your contracts are sales contracts, insurance policies, or financial documentation such as ISDA Master Agreements.

As pressures rise to reduce costs, safeguard against risk and improve compliance, a high quality contracts solution is becoming a “must have.” The cost of NOT implementing these efficiencies and safeguards is too high. IACCM President, Tim Cummins, has been quoted as saying, “Organizations which don’t manage their contracts effectively will be at a tremendous competitive disadvantage.”Do any of the following issues apply to your contracts process? Take the self diagnostic test below to determine your contract creation and management needs.

  1. Do you create a number of predictable negotiated documents each month?
  2. Does re-keying contract data result in too many errors?
  3. Is it too costly or time-consuming to have lawyers reviewing so many similar agreements?
  4. Are you at risk for business people creating non-compliant agreements?
  5. Does it take too long for the legal department to turn around agreements for internal business clients?
  6. Are you unable to keep track of your rights and obligations when they fall due?
  7. Do you have a clear understanding of the level of risk associated with your portfolio of contracts?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it might be time to consider implementing a document generation and contract management system. These systems encourage staff adoption of best practices and help to build in compliance. You want to be sure that the solution you choose has the flexibility to expand to all contract types, even if the initial project is only for automating one. It is also important that the solution you choose meets your company's IT objectives and integrates with existing systems such as, SharePoint, corporate databases, ERP systems, etc.

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Dahna Ori is Exari’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Reach out on twitter @ExariDahna