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Boston Legal Innovation Meetup

Boston Legal Innovation Meetup
Boston Legal Innovation Meetup

July 26, 2013 Dahna Ori Contract Management   Document Generation  

The Boston area legal community gathered on July 18th at Suffolk Law School  for the second installment of the Boston Legal Innovation Meetup . Thanks to Andy Perlman – a professor at Suffolk University Law School and the Director of its Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation – and Adam Ziegler – co-founder of Mootus , a startup building a platform for open, online legal argument – the Greater Boston area finally has a venue to come together and discuss legal innovation and technology.

At this second meeting, a panel discussed document automation and how it might affect the legal world in the future. In addition to Exari’s President Terry Lee, the speakers were Marc Lauritsen,  President of Capstone Practice Systems, and Michele DeStefano from the University of Miami Law School’s “Law Without Walls.” The panel was moderated by Andy Perlman.

boston tech meetup

This photo was taken using Google Glass by Andy Perlman

Document Automation continues to have a growing impact on lawyers both in law firms and in corporate legal departments. Document Assembly is increasingly allowing both lawyers and non-lawyers to quickly create contracts based on standardized and pre-approved templates. This reduces the time and risk in creating contracts and allows legal teams to focus on higher value activities.

Contract Management automates processes for negotiation and approvals as well as provides a repository for data and documents among other things. And, finally, new tools are giving lawyers insight into these processes themselves as well as into the data within the contracts. This data is becoming more important for allowing parties to understand the risks and opportunities in their contracts.

For another account of this group meeting, please click here  to go to the Caselines blog.

The next event will be at 6pm on Wednesday September 11th at Northeastern University Law School at 400 Huntington Avenue in Boston. The subject will be “Legal Design – What Can Lawyers Learn From Design Thinking?”

Additionally, there is talk of somehow connecting to similar groups around the country so stay tuned.


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