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Clean Contracting is Scary as Hell

Clean Contracting is Scary as Hell
Clean Contracting is Scary as Hell

October 30, 2006 Jamie Wodetzki Contract Management  

According to the Coalition for Government Procurement (a vendor lobby group in the US), the Clean Contracting Act proposed by Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman is “scary as hell”. Sounds pretty bad. So what’s in this bill that has the vendor community all in a tizz?

According to a recent article in Washington Technology, the bill seeks to clean up government procurement in several ways:

  • by banning monopoly contracts
  • by reducing the use of cost-plus contracts
  • by prohibiting “layer cake” deals that inflate costs through tiers of subcontractors
  • by limiting noncompetitive contracts
  • by increasing oversight, and preventing unjustified award fees
  • by deterring corruption in contracting, and
  • by closing a loophole that enables Alaska Native Corporations to receive no-bid work.

Suffice it to say, the Coalition for Government Procurement will be keeping a close eye on the November 7 congressional elections. Hell (a Democrat majority in the House) may be right around the corner.


Jamie Wodetzki is Exari’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.